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Empressr is the first free online storytelling tool that allows you to create, manage and share rich media presentations online. Upload your video, images and audio to get started creating cool slideshows. If you have your own website, blog, or social networking page, you can either post a link or embed your Empressr. Empressr also has great charting and table tools to create dynamic business presentations.


You can create an Empressr in minutes. And you don't even need to have experience with Flash in order to use it. Empressr’s intuitive features and tool tips help you select the text, images and multimedia (video and audio) assets you wish to use — making it a snap to create your story or presentation. The all-inclusive media library allows you to upload and manage your media assets and features drag-n-drop, search, filter and keyword support to locate files quickly. You can quickly import images from Flickr, Google, Yahoo and Photobucket. Can't find the right image? Not a problem. Use your built-in webcam to capture images directly into your Empressr media library, shoot a still, or record video and audio such as voice overs or sound tracks.


Every Empressr you create is stored securely on our servers. Only you, and the people you give access to, can view it. During this beta period, there are no restrictions on how many Empressrs you can create for free.


Anything created with Empressr can be shared. You can publish to the Empressr website where people can comment, rate and re-share or you can embed your Empressr into your blog or favorite social network page. Don't have a blog or social network? No problem. Simply send an email with a link to your Empressr, to those you want to share it with. All that is needed is a web browser to view it.


Empressr allows you, the creator, to track who and how many have viewed your Empressr. It even captures how long a viewer interacts with each slide.


You now have the ability to incorporate live feedback from your audience or the world during a presentation by using Twitter. The Tweets can be moderated using our custom dashboard or set to automatically push Tweets. This is completely hashtag enabled so you can filter Tweets containing a certain tag. Twitter also allows you to send an Empressr via a Tweet.

Have a great time and IMPRESS us with your presentations.

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